03 May 2013

My Amazing Husband

On Tuesday, I went to Washington D.C. area to pick up my mom.  She and my dad live in Oregon state, so having her out this direction is a real treat.  We had all kinds of adventures:
I rear ended someone whose car didn't have damage but he wanted to call the police anyway to be sure I didn't hit and run. 
I bought a new windshield wiper that blew off because I had forgotten how to put it on right, so I put the old one back on the other side an the good one on the driver's side until I could buy another new wiper and put that one on. 
We visited Mount Vernon, saw the beautiful view from George and Martha's back porch, looked in their guest rooms that held more than 600 overnight guests a year, prowled their gardens, and bought some heirloom seeds propagated right there.
We experienced the satisfaction of traveling in an HOV lane...and I survived driving in the city all day.  YAY ME.  Or yay thyroid suppressing medication?  Either way.  YAY.
We traveled home to a house I had not left in perfect shape.  And you know what we found?
Carport swept clean.
Floors swept.
Bathrooms spotless.
Sweeping and vacuuming done.
Dishes washed.
Trash taken out.
I don't know if my husband has ever made a pie before, but the pie he made is amazing.  Delicious.  I'm going to finish this post and go have another piece. 
What a great guy, right?  Finished my long list of unfinished chores AND made a special treat?
Points for the husband.  I love being married to such a great guy.


  1. We both hit the jackpot! (TODAY with the baking -- K baked a cake!!!! -- otherwise I'd say "minus the baking/cooking")

    I found out about your mom's visit because we "bumped" into your husband one afternoon.

    Oh, I NEED to find out about the dogwood trail off the gap, the dogwoods are incredible right now!

  2. Oh, I should have totally written something else.

    We both have been overwhelmingly blessed with great husbands! That sounds way better. ;)

    1. I think both ways you said it are cute! :). Great to be so blessed, isn't it?

  3. Delightful - I'm happy for you!!! :)

  4. A delightful day, from beginning to end.


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