16 May 2013

I'm Not Perfect, But I Hope They Feel Special Anyway

I wanted to make cookies for my students the day of their recital, but I ran out of time and my mom had to bale me out.  Thing is, I forgot to tell her that the baking powder substitute I use (EnerG Baking Powder, http://www.ener-g.com/baking-powder.html) takes twice as much as regular baking powder, so her cookies, although she's an expert, were too hard.  I finally got new ones made and all put together and delivered today (nearly two weeks after the desired date), but I forgot to take a picture of them to show you.  They were cute little piano shapes.  I hope my students feel special even though I am tempted to think I failed because I didn't meet my deadline.

Tuesday, my husband's large choir met for the last time of the school year.  I had it all neatly planned, but I got going with my homemade musical eighth note cookies as well as my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (enough of each for about sixty kids) later than I wanted.  I was late getting things finished, and my in-laws jumped in to rinse grapes and load the car to take everything to the class....about half way through the period.  I felt like a total failure.  A total un-showered failure at noon, in pajamas no less.  But the students must have felt special, like I wanted them to, because they said they could hardly bear it that I didn't come down, and they've been thanking me all week every time I've come on campus.  Not that it was supposed to be about me or anything.  And it wasn't fancy.  It was just good to know they really did feel pampered.  Even though I was late.

Does it sound like I need to lighten up a little?  Probably.  Maybe next time--and I know there will be a next time when I frustrate myself for "missing" an arbitrary deadline--I'll remember everything worked out this time, and I won't stress so much.

Maybe it just counted that I care, that I am proud of their work this year.


  1. Exactly. Because you do care. And if I were a student, I wouldn't care how late you were if you brought cookies!!

  2. awww, that's so sweet! I'm sure they were very happy with your cookies.


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