17 May 2013

Hyperthyroidism and Running as Exercise

It has been a long time since I attempted going running.  Like, maybe more than three years.  And even back then, I struggled and struggled to run any distance without having to stop.  And by any distance, I mean one lap at the track.
Thing was, I had no idea at the time, or any of the other times I made attempts at running, that I had an overactive thyroid.  My overactive thyroid did a lot of things to slow me down in running and many areas of my life.  It made all my body parts work too hard too fast, making me tired all the time, and a lot of the time I didn't even realize it.
So this winter when a doctor at church told me I needed to get my thyroid checked, and I did, and some of my numbers were more than a thousand higher than they were supposed to be, and I started treatment, and within a few weeks my resting heart rate finally dropped below 90 beats per minute?
Yeah.  I started feeling like a new woman.  And acting like one too.
Then somewhere relatively out of the blue this week, I had this thought.  "Self, maybe it would be nice to try going running this week."
That is NOT a thought I would have had a couple of months ago.  But there I was, thinking this thought.  I tried running from one place to another on my grounds/landscaping job, and I could do it.  It didn't feel like my whole being was fighting the motions anymore.
Today, the thought grew stronger, so I suggested it to my husband.  He loves to run.  His parents love to run, together.  I knew he would love the idea, and he said so.  In fact, he said, "I always thought it would be so great to go running with my wife."  Or something to that effect.
It actually felt great, too.  In my adult life, I've been accustomed to the feeling of trying to run, while my whole body says, "You can't do this.  You're crazy for trying.  We, your body parts--ALL of us--revolt." 
You know what my body said today?  "This feels great.  It almost feels easy.  Sure, you'll get in better shape, but you've got this one.  No problem."
It felt wonderful.  Amazing.  Like I'm a normal human being or something.  A person who can exercise, and actually make sweet progress toward being and feeling in great shape.  Not just looking like I'm in great shape because I couldn't gain any weight no matter how hard I tried.
To describe how that feels?  Hmmmm.  Great.  It just feels great.  It gives me hope that when I go hiking Sunday (on that thirteen mile trail they've talked me into), I might actually make it back alive.
{Mr. Snake showed up in our wood pile today.  He has nothing to do with my going running today, but I'll show you his photo anyway.}


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