29 May 2013

What's Really Going on When We Work for God and Suffer Anyway

A quoted passage tonight, because these words sum it up better than mine ever could.

"Our work is to toil in the vineyard of the Lord, not merely for ourselves, but for the good of others.  Our influence is a blessing or a curse to others.  We are here to form perfect characters for Heaven.  We have something to do besides repining and murmuring at God's providences, and writing bitter things against ourselves.  Our adversary will not allow us to rest.  If we are indeed God's children, we shall be harassed and sorely beset, and we need not expect that Satan or those under his influence, will treat us well.  But there are angels who excel in strength, who will be with us in all our conflicts, if we will only be faithful.  Christ conquered Satan in our behalf in the wilderness of temptation.  He is mightier than Satan, and He will shortly bruise him under our feet."

Testimonies for the Church, vol 3, 526

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