19 August 2009

We Are Nearing Home!

Have you ever come home, and still felt like all you wanted was to go home?  I've caught myself in that strange place--home but not home--and I've wondered about it.  Why wouldn't I feel at home in my own house?

Maybe Abraham felt that way sometimes, coming into his tents at night, knowing in his head God had promised him the land right outside his door, but still being a stranger in it, still traveling from place to place, never knowing just when he'd settle for sure.  

Like him, as long as we're on this earth, we're still just nearing home.  We won't be home until Jesus comes again, and we settle into our homes He has prepared for us.  Until then, good old hymns like this one, tucked away in the memory bank, remind me to keep walking forward, step by step, because the real home isn't as far away as it seems.

If you're looking for music to this hymn, check The Church Hymnal:  The Official Hymnal of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (or more commonly and affectionately referred to as "The Old Hymnal").  It's number 642, and it's found in the index under the titles "Just Over the Mountains" and "We are Nearing Home!"  (You might even be able to find a copy of this hymnal on Amazon, if you don't have one already.)

We are Nearing Home!

Arranged by C.P. Whitford
Words by John R. Sweney

Just over the mountains in the promised land
Lies the Holy City built by God's own hand.
As our weary footsteps gain the mountain's crest,
We can view our homeland of eternal rest.


We are nearing home, we are nearing home!
See the splendor gleaming from the domes afar,
See the glory streaming through the gates ajar!
There we soon will enter never more to roam,
Hear the angels singing--
We are nearing home, We are nearing home!

From the roles of the prophets we have long been told
Of that wondrous city with its streets of gold.
Now with raptured vision we can see it there,
With its walls of jasper and its mansions fair.


Those who enter that city are the chosen few
Who keep God's commandments--faith of Jesus, too.
There we'll lift our voices through the endless days
In sweet songs of gladness and in psalms of praise.


My brother, my sister, will you meet us there,
In that land of sunshine where there'll be no care?
Accept of God's message and to Him be true,
Then when Jesus cometh, He will call for you!



  1. From childhood, this is my very favorite hymn. Every chance I got/get when we are asked for favorites, this is what I choose. I am saddened it's not in the new hymnal, for it gives me courage to continue on keeping on. There are sites that have the music if you don't know the tune. If you do, sing it loud and clear: We ARE nearing home! God bless and keep you. In His love for you...Until we "Never Part Again: (my second-favorite song) <3

  2. Beautiful hymn...singing it for the first time

  3. Wonderful hymn, very meaningful.


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