11 September 2012

Hello from Virginia

Hi friends!

I know it has been a long time since I've written.  I'm spending my days teaching piano lessons, cooking, unpacking, and exploring in my new home state of Virginia.  It's wonderful.  But I'm not technologically set up at my home yet, and my moments at my husband's office computer are limited.

His select high school choir sang in church last Sabbath.  The Lord blessed, and used their voiced to draw people into the worship service.

We received our diplomas in the mail yesterday.  I was going to share a picture, but like I said, technology isn't a huge part of our home life yet.  Those two pieces of paper sure represent a lot of prayer, hard work, study, and all the lovely graduate school experiences that came along with them!

So.  About teaching piano lessons.  I love it.  I need a lot of help from the Master Teacher every day, but I have great students, each with their own talents and struggles and personalities.  I love the process of befriending them and helping them realize the dreams and joys of learning an instrument.

I bought peaches to freeze the first day we were in town here.  It was the last day they were selling, so I didn't take my chances to find another orchard after getting settled in the house.  I froze them in the school's guest apartment and was grateful that there was a freezer in its kitchen (which I didn't know the moment I wrote the check for those fifty pounds of tasty beauty).

I can't wait to be visited by lots of relatives.  Our new house has plenty of space for all of them.  And the big garden space in the back will have so many wonderful things growing in it by this time next  year.  I can't wait--except I don't want the time to pass too quickly now, because I like what I'm doing.

May God's sweetest graces fill your hearts and lives.

Love you all muchly,

P.S. More soon, Lord willing.