30 May 2013

Fresh Bread

Usually, I make our bread.  And I meant to have an easy batch ready to throw in the oven this morning, but with all those empty boxes needing to be filled?  Yeah, it didn't happen.

I sent my husband down to our school cafeteria to pick up more boxes, and you know what he brought home? 

A fresh baked loaf of bread, from our friends the cooks. 

Our friends who have saved boxes for us for weeks on end now, who give hugs and prayers when we need them, and who provided (including the meal the bread enabled us to make in our half-packed home) three meals for us this week.

If you've ever moved before, you know how meaningful each meal provided by someone else can be during that last stretch.  We've had many of those this week. 

It almost feels like it should be a blog series, doesn't it?  These meals during moving week, those bittersweet moments of savoring friendships and saying goodbyes.  I remember them all so clearly, not only this week's collection, but also the ones cooked for us last summer when we left Michigan, and two years before that the meals prepared for us as we left Washington {state} behind.

We feel grateful that in our short months here in Virginia, many friends have slipped into our lives and hearts, and we have the tangible evidences of true friendship, of which the bread is but one example, surrounding us every day.

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