29 May 2013


Life is quite a mess today.  Boxes everywhere.  Empty ones, full ones, half-full ones.

Life is full of good things for the taste buds today.  Chocolate banana smoothies for breakfast.  (I would tell you where I got the recipe, but it is already sealed in a box.  I could reproduce it by memory, but then I would need to give you the source, which I do not know by heart.) Homemade granola.  And looking forward to a staff social tonight prepared by other hands.

Life is full of weeds and flowers and little volunteer trees, transplanted, today.  Some flowers, I planted.  Some weeds, I pulled.  The little trees, I watered.  Next week, I leave behind all my campus plantings for others to enjoy, for others to water, for others to weed.  I don't get to see them in their full late-summer glory, but they were still a balm to my heart this spring.  And I remember:  the other woman who planted flowers on campus isn't enjoying them this spring, either.  I'm simply glad she planted them, for their blooms still cheer the path for me.

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