25 March 2013

Tiptoe through the Tulips

My husband knows me well.  Thus, when he goes to buy me flowers (which he would do way more often if I wasn't such a strict controller of the budget), he doesn't buy red roses.  {very often}  He knows, however, that I love beauty and spring and all those glorious things, and he knows I love the pink of fresh tulips.

He came back from his physical on Friday with flowers for the Sabbath table, not quite open, just so they would last and bring beauty to our home and delight me longer.

Can you see such flowers and not marvel at their unfurling petals, soft curves, and pointed tips?

I never get tired of fresh flowers from my husband.  {My mother knew that when she told him he could marry me if he would still buy me fresh flowers every now and then.  Although of course my parents told him other things too. :)}  I never tire of these hints that spring is drawing near, and I enjoyed seeing them again this morning, fresh snow as their background outside the dining room window.


  1. So sweet :) :)!!!
    I'm enjoying your sharing these tulips :)

  2. Enjoying them with you through your lovely photos.


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