26 March 2013

From the Journals: My Teenage Thoughts on Marriage

I've been journaling my devotional thoughts since as far back as 2000.  Somehow that year, I bought or came across a daily planner for Christians.  But instead of having a calendar type appearance, it simply had blamed lines, about half a page of them, for each day. 
I've been wanting to read through them for some time, and watch my spiritual life and learning from the perspective of years.  Would you like to come on the journey with me?  I'm not the type to share every little personal detail, or to take kindly to readers snooping the journals without permission, but when and if I occasionally come across a little sweet gem?  I'd love to have you peek over my shoulder.  A little.
From Sabbath, January 1, 2000.  {I was a junior in academy/high school.}
"Many things are listed as better than a quarrelsome wife.  {Was I perhaps reading Proverbs?  I apparently was not very good at referencing.}. And no wonder!  Fish and company stink in three days, but a quarrelsome wife stinks a huge lot sooner.  How to keep from having a rotten marriage?  Renew love daily.  Isn't that what we do with God?  And that relationship is often strained (at our fault).  Be patient and go out of your way to do something they like."
What do you think?  Was I on the right track?

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