14 March 2013

The Tomatillos are Starting to Grow

So are a few of the peppers and tomatoes, but I didn't take their photos.

Are you excited with me?

I constantly marvel at how strong a little baby plant has to be to push through dirt, break through a seed-case, and sometimes even shove aside a large piece of bark or a rock to get to the light, which of course essential for it to grow.

Growth isn't for the fearful little plant, the plant who says it just can't see past a piece of bark to the light.  It's for the plant that pushes and stretches through the darkness into the marvelous light, finally throwing aside the bark that seemed to keep it enslaved.

Maybe Jesus meant that kind of strength when He compared faith to a mustard seed's growth.  The kind of strength that keeps on past all the cumbersome trials, pressing through the soil--indeed, nourished by it--as it gets ready to bear a heavy crop.

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