13 March 2013


Tonight, the first night of spring vacation, seemed like a good time to jump in the car for the hour drive to our nearest Olive Garden.  We had a gift card, and the time to do it, so it seemed like a great adventure.
And just for the record?  I still think my husband is a date worth keeping.  I therefore told him over supper that I'm glad I married him.  He said he appreciated that about me...that I married him.  We smiled at each other, still in love.
Are you glad you married your husband?  Have you told him so lately?


  1. hahaha... the whole time we were within a few hundred feet of you guys... (if you drove to the Winchester one). We were at the mall, basically less than a mile from the OG. :)

    We went there last Sunday to celebrate Kelvin's birthday and it was so nice! Tonight, after Kenny and Kelvin (not my son, one of the Brazilian young men) shopped till the mall closed we had dinner at the more humble Cici's pizza. Good for hungry boys, though. We just got home an hour ago. Sigh... I'm glad you had a nice date! I miss dates with my hubby. after kids things are harder.

  2. ;) no, I haven't, but I look forward to when I am married!

  3. Yay! Happy for you! (For having a date with your hubby, for still being in love, and for having your plants come up!!)


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