20 March 2013

Soon I Will Need...

Although things are still ok now, I will soon need a couple of clothing items.  In the process of thinking through what those would be (something pink to go with skirt? denim jacket? pants of some kind?), I have stumbled upon some wardrobe and style resources I have found to be helpful.

One girl's take on building a wardrobe with variety in it.  Which if you look at the photos below, you'll notice I don't have.  See all the green and blue?  And blue and green?  And maybe like two things that are pink? I know my mom says there's nothing boring about beautiful....but maybe next time I go shopping, I'll go for something that's not blue or green.  Maybe that's why I don't have exactly the right pink thing to go with the skirt that showed up in my mailbox last spring, although I do have a green and a blue that work. (Thanks, Mom!)

And this first one was so helpful, because it covered everything from colored bottoms to different ways to wear the same shirt to what to do with belts to layering button up shirts to keeping your options open when all you can find in the store are immodest tops.  (Really?  All I needed was enough of the right shells to go underneath?)

This girl wears mostly skirts.  While I don't necessarily see myself going all- or mostly-skirts, I do find her approach to be a good one, and I've been enjoying her every-day styles that seem like they would work for casual settings as well.  And she gives good hints and tips about really important things.  Like where to find shells/camis with high enough neck lines.  (Thank you!)  I'm also intrigued by her e-book on sewing denim.  Can't wait to get that sewing machine fixed!

While I've only looked on this blog a couple of times so far, I like some of her ideas on having a feminine look even when you're having a casual day.  And she has a weekly link party, so I can scroll down and see what other people are putting together, too.  (I liked this example of wide-leg pants.)

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