05 March 2013

Garden Updates

On Friday, I found a padded large envelope in our mailbox, and wondered what it could be.

I love getting mail.  Adore it.  Even when I send it to myself.  I watch for the mail vehicle every day, hoping it will stop at our box.  Even if there’s just a magazine or catalog left behind.

So it was with special eagerness that I took the envelope out of the box, and examined it for a return address.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Mansfield, Missouri 65704.  www.rareseeds.com.

I gasp.  I bound into the house.  I tear open the flap.  I know what’s inside.

I’ve liked dealing with Baker Creek so far.  A friend recommended them, and I immediately requested a catalog, printed.  But what’s great about also checking out the varieties online is that they often have customer reviews and comments.  So someone from my zone may have tried a particular variety before, and I can see how it went for them.  Lovely idea.

And just for fun, I’ll tell YOU what was inside the envelope, too.  It’s just a start, but we’ll be planting these today, indoors, in toilet paper rolls I’ve cut in thirds and lined up in disposable tin baking sheets.  We’ll put them in front of the living room window, because even though it will be slightly tacky, they’ll have the best light. 

I never was one to sacrifice comfort for looks.  My seeds won’t have to, either.

Are you growing anything in your house, greenhouse, or garden yet?  I’d love to know what’s working!

Here’s what came on Friday:
Pepper:  Emerald Giant
Pepper:  Santa Fe Grande
Pepper:  Golden Marconi
Pepper:  Serrano Tampequino
Hot Pepper:  Scotch Bonnet
Pepper:  Cayenne Long Thin
Pepper:  Anaheim
Tomato:  Big Yellow Zebra
Tomato:  Amish Paste
Tomato:  Ingegnoli Gigante Liscio
Tomato:  Bonny Best
Tomatillo Verde
Brussels Sprouts:  Catskill
Eggplant:  Japanese White Egg
Eggplant:  Rosa Bianca
FREE GIFT!  Sunflower Lemon Queen

Don’t worry:  we’ll find room for all of them!


  1. Oh, fun, fun! Planting seeds is such a rewarding endeavor! I can't wait to hear more of your gardening adventures!

  2. Yipee! A little garden growing! I'm am so happy for you! This is a beautiful post. Your garden is going to taste so yummy!


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