16 March 2013

Back to Life

Last summer in our move, we nearly lost my jade plant, which was a gift from my grandmother in the fall of 2002.  My husband saved one set of two leaves and one lone leaf, and kept watering them all fall and winter.

Here is the result:  each original leaf or set now has two new sets of leaves.

Which brings me to a beautiful Sabbath thought:  While there is life, there is hope.  (I've been searching for the EGW book and page for this quote.  I will update the post later when I find it, or when one of you reminds me where it is.)

Sometimes it may seem like there is hardly any life left, like with my plant.  But take courage!  Even one or two "leaves" with life still in them can be miraculously rebuilt in a human life by the same God who designed plant propagation.


  1. Wow, that is awesome! Please congratulate Michael on his perseverance for me! Do you have the software of EGW's works? It makes it so easy to find quotes. My husband has it in his phone, maybe I should too! I've asked him to check for the quote. I'll get back to you if he does find it.

  2. I will definitely congratulate him! We do have the EGW stuff on our phones, bit it's harder to search in....or we're not used to it yet...and on our computer but that is having difficulties at the moment. Thanks for checking for us!


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