24 March 2013

The Herbs

You know what?  Last week I got another exciting package from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Oh, I could hardly wait to tear into it!  And you know what?  They included another free packet of sunflower seeds.  I could NEVER have too many sunflowers, but I'm not sure we would have bought any this year because we are trying to build up our edible and money-saving plants. 

So I was overjoyed with not only the first, but also the SECOND package of sunflowers.  Those folks over at Baker Creek really know how to make a girl happy.  (Visit them at www.rare seeds.com)
Here's the list of seeds we ordered.

Common Thyme
Dill Vierling
Emily Basil
Genovese Basil
Parsley:  Giant of Italy
Sage Broad Leaf
Slo Bolt Cilantro
Wild Zaatar Oregano

Some of the ones planted I side already (some wait until we can plant them straight outside) are already coming up.  I love to see their tiny pin-prick green!

One thing I didn't find was Rosemary seeds.  I'll be looking around for other heirloom suppliers for those.  Any suggestions?

And I'm thinking a friend promised me some mint roots when she cleans hers out this spring.  I'll have to check with her again in spring.  Then I'll need to be taught how to make that delicious mint chutney I've had at Indian restaurants.

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