21 January 2013

Five Years Ago Today

Did you realize that five years ago today I published my first post here at Ladder of Mercy?  It's the post that tells you where the blog name came from, and it started a tradition of writing about hymns that I still love.

I thought it would be fun to take a quick snapshot of my life then, compared with my life now.  After all, half a decade can bring a lot of change! 

Back then, I was working as an administrative assistant.  I sometimes longed to earn my living from something "more creative", but was constantly reminded how much I was learning and growing in the field I was in.  {Now I wouldn't trade it for anything.}

Now, I work as a piano teacher (taught seven lessons today, and loved every minute--wish I had more!) as well as a housewife.

Back then, I had many friends who were housewives.  I knew they kept busy.  I know how busy there were now because I have time to carry the load of running the household smoothly.  I barely keep up!  But I love the opportunity to more carefully plan for meals and errands and laundry and summertime gardening.

Back then, I volunteered a lot at my local church.  I played the piano for services, organized everything musical, and even sat on the church board as clerk.  

Now, I haven't managed to volunteer at my new church much.  I frequently travel with my husband's music groups, and I was asked today to play the piano for a children's Sabbath school when I can.  I'm excited to re-enter the church-involvement part of my life back then that I loved so much.

Back then, I wondered if God was planning to unite my life to a husband.

Now, I see how brilliant His plan really was, and my appreciation for His leading and the man He put in my life daily grows.

Back then, I lived in a little rented three-bedroom house across the street from my office.  It had two apartments in the basement, and some flower beds out front that I used for my vegetable and flower garden.

Now, I live in a bigger house {my husband keeps saying we should fill it up with children...} that has a wonderful kitchen and a great big garden out back.  Rather than a busy street out front, we have a quiet neighborhood to live in, and an orchard behind our large back yard and garden.

Back then, I was within four driving hours of my parents and brother.

Now, I am thousands of miles away from my family AND my in-laws.  {Sometimes sacrifices must be made to follow the will of God and work in the harvest fields.}

Back then, I didn't dream of getting any more education.  Life was providing me with enough of that.

Now, I am blessed to have my master's degree.  I would have been the last one to guess it, but I'm grateful every day for the learning, experiences, and people God put in my life via graduate school.

Back then, I didn't have a camera, and I didn't include many photos in my sporadic posts.

Now, my goal is to invite  you here for new words and photos more and more often, with a constant desire to grow as a woman of God, as well as to bless you, my readers.  

Thank you for stopping by today for a visit.  I hope you'll stick around for my next five  years!


  1. Aww!! Happy Blog Anniversary! Five years is a long time (I've been blogging for 8 and I can hardly believe it) and it's so fascinating to see how your life has changed in the past 5 years and how God has led. That's one of my favorite things about journaling & reading old journals (not so much the blog, but my paper journals) -- the wonderful chance to see how God works wonders in our lives through time. I actually have a few stories to tell that have to do with my recent reading of my 2010 journal. I may even blog about it, if not I'd love to share if you want to know.

    I am sure that you can get WAY more involved with the local church and community that you are, frequent trips and all. We desperately need committed and responsible people like yourself, that's for sure!

    I am also delighted that I got to meet you and to find out about your blog -- it's truly a treat for me! And here's a wish for many more years of blogging!

  2. Wow! Where has the time gone? Miss the "good old days" but thankful for new experiences in life like you have said. Blessings on your blog!

  3. You're right, Julie! The time really has flown. :). And L, I would love to hear about your experience going through your journal, whether on your blog or in person or both!

  4. All blessings from God. Yes, I saw God in your life then. And I see Him all along the way to now, and He will take you through it all as you fill your house with children. Your life is an encouragement to me often. Thanks for blogging your walk with God, and sharing your blessings. I am glad you are going to be writing more.

  5. Yes, I plan to still be following your blog five years from now! Won't it be fun to look back again??? (Assuming we're not in the Kingdom by then!!) It will be good to see how the Lord leads you -- sometimes through joy and sometimes through sorrow, as in the last five years. But always in His love.

    This makes me think about what MY life was like five years ago... WOW. Big changes -- But not as dramatic as yours! :)

  6. Yes, Barbara, He has always been leading. And YOUR life has also been an inspiration to me. :)

    And Mom, your life has been dramatic because all my changes PLUS yours (which have been many) have taken you in directions you wouldn't have expected! I'm proud of you and your service for the Lord.


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