20 January 2013

Something Written Just for Me

You've had that experience.  You pick up a book, or something inspired, or the Bible itself.  You read right along, everything making a distant sort of sense, and it happens.

The words jump out at you as if someone knew your innermost self ~ needs, desires, fears, joys ~ and right then, every word is just for YOU.

It happened to me this evening.  I saw how I like to have my all under control.  I saw how God has tested me and taught me to trust more deeply.  I saw how I still need to learn that I dare not rely on myself for what I need (but on Jesus instead).  I saw how well He knows my heart.

"Many have such a constant care for themselves that they give God no opportunity to care for them.  If they should be a little short at times, and be brought into strait places, it would be the best thing for their faith.  If they would calmly trust God, and wait for Him to work for them, their necessity would be God's opportunity; and His blessing in their emergency would increase their love for Him, and lead them to prize their temporal blessings in a higher sense than they have ever done before.". (Testimonies for the Church vol. 2 p. 657)

I look over my experience during the last few years, and see how the hand of God has been doing just that for me, for my naturally-worrisome heart.

And I praise Him, right now, publicly, for what He has done and is doing to help me grow.


  1. What I read this morning was about understanding prophecy -- very timely for me :)

  2. Wow - that is a great quote. Thanks for sharing your learning experience as it blesses mine :)

  3. I'm glad both of you ladies have found blessing. :)

  4. I have seen His blessing in my emergencies, and it is good. To completely trust him brings such joy. Thanks to God for His encouragement.


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