09 January 2013

5 Things I'm Grateful My Husband Did for Me Today

Sorry for the long title.  I went for descriptive instead of efficient.  This post is out here because sometimes I think it's easy to forget the many, many things our husbands do for us every day.  I want to recognize just a few.

1.  Built a fire to warm the house.
2.  Rinsed his dishes after each meal.  I'm forgetting to rinse my own, and mine are harder to wash.
3.  Made our bed.
4.  Gave me a kiss goodbye after lunch.  Aren't we blessed to have lunch together almost every day?
5.  Thanked me for doing the daily chores that I do.
6.  Ok, I know I said five.  But he also made his delicious tomato-onion-avocado "salsa" for lunch.  :)


  1. Your new blog header is beautiful. I haven't read any blogs for a couple of weeks. I just now enjoyed reading through all your recent posts. Your cheery, positive attitude is lightening mine. I am wondering what I can do to bring some beauty into this very simple apartment. I wonder if we could find some flowers?

  2. I imagine if anyone could find some flowers, it would be you! I'm remembering the time we went searching through mostly-dead grass, finding spots of purple behind a hotel that most would have missed!


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