30 January 2013

Performance Class

We just had our first performance class of the semester.  I loved it.  The group setting, the students playing, having them all affirm each other (of course I told them they were only allowed to give compliments today).

We celebrated a birthday at the end.  I had debated about making something sugary, knowing that some might not need the extra sweet, and came across a recipe for a smoothie/almost-popsicle instead.  It worked.  They seemed to enjoy it.

I hope they had a nice time like I did, because I want playing the piano in front of people to be something they learn to love, not fear.  I want them to be generous with the gifts they're developing, willing to share what they learn (especially in the church context).  I want them to learn that what they have to offer really is a blessing and a joy to other people, and that playing the piano is something most people wish they hadn't dropped at my students' age.  That it's work, but work with great personal reward.


  1. There is NO WAY your students will not pick up the joy you have in this. It's beautiful!

  2. I love music~it speaks deeply to my soul and enjoy your 'musical notes'.


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