17 July 2013

This Week in the Garden: Tomatillo Edition

If you saw this post and this one, you know right away that this tomatillo plant has grown by leaps and bounds in the last two weeks.  I'm in constant amazement, and I feel sure I can see the difference in the height each day.  These things, I must admit, make me extremely happy.  By next week, I'll have to have someone else take the photo with the plant measured against my arm, because there will only be so much stretching I can do to get the whole plant in without falling over.

There it is again, without my arm, surrounded by some of its friends.

Then for the really exciting thing:  They are starting to put out buds.  Since I've never grown tomatillos before, this is all a new experience, one filled with the best of garden excitement.
See?  Isn't it beautiful?  And so much the more because it's a promise of good things to come. 

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