12 July 2013

More Blessed to Give?

You know the saying.  "It's more blessed to give than to receive."
Sometimes I've felt like I've received far more than I've given, or been able to give, especially when I've moved from one home to the next, one state to the next.  Time would fail me to count the ways and friends who have packed my dishes, cleaned my cupboards, fed me lunch, scrubbed my tub.
Thus it was with immense pleasure today that I was able to go help some friends pack up their kitchen.
It didn't feel like they were leaving me:  I'm just around for the summer, and while I'll miss seeing them when I'm I'm in my parents' town, but they are not leaving me behind.
So perhaps because I have so oft received, the chance to spend a few hours packing dishes and wiping out cupboards gave me a special delight this afternoon.  And if it's more blessed to give than receive, it's perhaps in the giving I experience all over again the memories of blessings other givers gave me when it was my kitchen that needed to be put in boxes.

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