06 July 2013

How Faith Grows

Reading these words several times over this evening, just to remind myself what really matters, what God really wants to be able to do in the very heart of my life.

"The Lord frequently places us in difficult positions to stimulate us to greater exertion. In His providence special annoyances sometimes occur to test our patience and faith. God gives us lessons of trust. He would teach us where to look for help and strength in time of need. Thus we obtain practical knowledge of His divine will, which we so much need in our life experience. Faith grows strong in earnest conflict with doubt and fear...It may seem that you are about to make great sacrifices to preserve your purity of soul, but do not hesitate; press forward in the fear of God, and He will bless your efforts and recompense you a thousand-fold."  White, Ellen G.  Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4, p. 116-117.

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