26 July 2013

Berry and Peach Soup Swirl

My mom has this delightful little cookbook called Life's Simple Pleasures: Fine Vegetarian Cooking for Sharing and Celebration.  And although she has had it since 1993, we had really only made one recipe from it (the Minestrone Soup).  Now, the soup recipe has been completely worth making for all these years, but it finally dawned on me when the same cookbook said hello to me from the coffee table in a little guest apartment I stayed in last summer that there might just be more amazing recipes in that little cookbook.

Well, I was right.  I tried several more recipes, and loved every one.  Then this week, as I paged through books looking for something summery and easy and relatively light to make for supper, and wondered where my creativity had gone, I came across two soups.  A berry one, and a peach one, poured into the bowl at the same time to make a swirl.  

Together, they're really called "Berry-Peach Soup", and call for fresh fruit, which I didn't have.  Mine turned out to be more of a swirled smoothie, and I had to substitute apple juice for the orange juice soup base because, well, you know how it goes when you want to make something within about twenty minutes and you don't want to go to the store.

Maybe now you're expecting me to post the recipe for these delicious soups, but I'm not going to.  I'm going to hope that you follow the above link to Amazon and spend anywhere between one penny and five bucks to get your own copy.  And you're going to ask me if it's a vegan cookbook, or gluten free, or vegetarian, or just what.  So I'll tell you, in hopes that you won't hesitate to go buy it for yourself just because you're worried it won't fit your dietary needs.  (I'm not an Amazon affiliate; I just like the book.)

All the recipes are vegetarian.
Many of the recipes are vegan.
And if they're not vegan, most of them are easy to turn into vegan recipes.
Some of the recipes are naturally gluten free.
And if they're not, some of them can be turned into gluten free recipes.

For whatever it's worth.  :)
Even if whatever it's worth is simply the idea to combine two smoothies in the same bowl--here's to a lovely summer weekend!


  1. Awww... that's lovely and I think you're right in not posting the recipes! I'll check the book out.

    Now... do you remember that you gave me a bag of peach & a back of strawberries from your freezer? Those were the first two things I thought of when I read your post title. Serendipitous! ;-) Maybe I should use the fruit that you so kindly gave me to make a version of this soup!

    I hope you're doing well there. I miss you!

  2. Oh, I had forgotten all about those bags of frozen fruit! It makes me happy to think of you making something inspired by my blog. :)

    Yes, we're doing well--and missing all of you, too!


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