17 July 2013

This Week in the Garden: General Edition

  {Broad Leaf Sage}

I'm still learning how to take photos of my plants in the garden, but I'm so much enjoying keeping an informal record of their growth each week.  I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing them with you!  
 {Early Blood Turnip-rooted Beet}

My husband loves beet greens.  It looks like he'll have some to eat soon.  I love beets.  I'm hoping this crop turns out as beautifully as it looks like it will.
 {Japanese White Eggplant}

My friend who grew up in Japan says these eggplants grow slowly.  Still, they were large enough for a photo op this week, and I can tell their leaves are greening up since we transplanted them from their tiny little pots to the "big" garden.

 {Mystery Pepper}

All the pepper labels got mixed up in our move, so this one is just one more mystery pepper plant.  All the peppers are beginning to thrive in the hot weather we've been having, but I think they would be happy in even more heat.  I hear tell some gardeners in this region keep them in green houses all summer, and they do well there.  Maybe someday I'll have such a fancy thing as a green house, and I'll try that out, too.  For now, I'm just enjoying watching them begin to branch out a little more.

{Mystery Tomato Plant}

My tomato labels survived, but apparently permanent marker does not last in the sun.  All the tomato labels are faded completely away!  So once again, I have no idea which kind this is, but I do know that I was roughly able to isolate the different varieties when I planted them.  "By their fruits ye shall know them", right? 

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