16 July 2013

Oh, Dear

I think I just accidentally deleted today's post!  I meant to delete an unfinished draft, but it appears to have been connected to the actual post I posted.  Does anyone know how to get it back?  I can't seem to find a Blogger "trash bin". 


  1. Oh, no! The post about memorizing the Bible? I'm so sorry, these things are so upsetting! BTW I LOVED the post about the Love at Home hymn, just didn't get to comment earlier.

    I don't really know what you can do to recover a deleted pos. :(

  2. Yes, that was the post. Oh, well! I was able to recover the first paragraph via my Blogger feed, so at least I have that to re-write from. I think my e-mail feed will be a good back-up in the future since I have it set to send me the feed, too...it just hadn't gone out yet when I accidentally deleted the post. Good learning experience, right?

    Glad you enjoyed the Love at Home post! :)

  3. If another or your readers reads through a "blog reader" (oh, boy, that sounds redundant, but it's not!) maybe he/she could copy and paste the content for you...

    Your garden is AWESOME!!


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