15 April 2013


For those of you who may not be aware, we work and half-live at a boarding school.
It's more than a century old now, and somewhere close to an old sign of commemoration, 
there are flowers blooming.  Hundreds.  Maybe thousands.
I sometimes like to imagine what kind of nice lady planted them all to spread so thoroughly through the trees, delighting viewers for decade upon decade.  At least, I imagine it has been that long.

I know.  All my posts have been about flowers lately.
Can you really blame me?
And see where there might be lillies later in the spring?

But something else that just goes with the territory when you deal with students?
About the food, about the weather, about the latest whatever.
Most students are good about it, but they all have their tired, unsettled moments.

Which is why, when I went to speak with the women's dean this evening (we have WONDERFUL men's and women's deans who have good standards and patience through the roof....just ask me sometime what the rookie men's dean says to the guys who come asking to be put on "sick list" so they can miss classes), it struck me with a delighted giggle to notice the sign on her desk for the first time.

"Sorry, the deadline for complaints was yesterday."

Yes.  I like it.
And could it be that some days, I too, the adult, 
should remember I've missed the deadline for complaining?
Ouch.  But yes, maybe so.

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  1. It is always wonderful when something is blooming even in the midst of a desert place. I love how these flowers show God's faithfulness for generations. He will be faithful to you too. You will see blooms again in your life. And since the complaint deadline is already past, I guess it is time to get on to praising God.


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