08 April 2013

I Must Walk Through the Orchard

I must walk through the orchard every day.
The blooms are beginning to come, and lest I miss any of them, I must walk through the orchard every day.
At least one time, around the back, and back up around the front.

Nearly a thousand trees to peruse, and at least that many blossoms per tree.
I dare not miss e'en one this year, for this year is all I have.
I have it now, so now I must enjoy them, and I must not miss a thing.

Their branches bent and pruned, they still put forth a show.
While time may take a funny shape, the fruit will still be sweet.
I have not known these trees for long, but to be acquainted now, today, is all I ask.

It's just one row a-blooming now, with two or three beside the row at the bottom.
I overlook the hill as whole, and wonder how they'll look--
All those trees dressed in their whites and pinks, when bees come buzzing 'round.

All the looking is not lost, for among the beauty I learn, and take a precious jewel to my mind:
It's how to focus close, on just the bloom I wish, and snap a photo with my phone.
And with this little piece of wisdom in my pocket, I can take you walking with me any day you wish.

I take a portrait more or two, and realize with delight, I am next my own back yard, 
branches reaching  to the other side, where friends bloom on my side just like they do on orchard side.
If I hadn't walked through the orchard today, determined beauty-gleaner, I'd have missed it in my yard.

I may not see a fruit come from bloom to ripe.
I may not smell the freshness or take the glowing bounty for purchase into my kitchen.
But still I will not miss the flower blooming today.

I do not cut or prune or bring bouquets to my table.
I do not pluck the beauty, and ruin the fruit I will not get to see.
But I capture them for memory's sake, grateful I have them for even one spring.

I'm through counting hyacinths poking out of the ground.
As I walk back to the house, I simply breathe deeply of now, their scent wafting in the breeze.
I snap their photo, get in close, marvel at the many shades of pink in one tiny bloom.

I touch them, and promise to take them with me if I should have to go,
and if in the taking I will not take their lives.
For the only thing worse than leaving them behind, I've decided, is trying to take them, and having them die.

I glance through the newly cleared path to the orchard.
I must take it every day, duck through the vines, and emerge,
ready for blooms and beauty and gleaning, as closely as I can watching 
while time and temperatures bring a glow that I must not leave without seeing.


  1. Such beauty! I can almost smell them through your pictures!

  2. Beautiful!! Your words describe my feelings towards flowers so precisely that it's eerie to read! May I join you one of these days so you can introduce me to the orchard? It'll have to be in the (maybe late, better for photos) afternoon...

  3. Oh, Honey... Good job, drinking in the beauty! Can't wait to go with you... Three more weeks!!

  4. You will ALWAYS have beauty around you. God loves to place it in the lives of those who appreciate it!


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