28 April 2013


I've struggled so many times with how to get soup safely to potluck.  So let me just go on record with an award of brilliance to the person with the rubber bands, who I don't even know.

Here's how it worked:  The pot had two handles on the side, and a handle on the lid.  One rubber band wrapped around a side handle and the handle on the lid.  The other rubber band wrapped around the second side handle and around the lid as well.  That lid wasn't going anywhere!

Thank you, person whose name I don't even know, for saving my future pots of soup from sloshing all over the car.


  1. I'm thinking of a humorous story of witch topped Halloween cupcakes floating in orange juice... He, he, he!!! Yea for not repeating that :)

  2. :) I learned that trick from this elderly couple at our church in Massachusetts and I do it whenever I need it. Sometimes the best trick is to save those extra long/thick rubber bands that come with produce or other things.

    1. I think you're right...those would be great ones to save. :)


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