04 April 2013

Organizing Closets: What to do with Blankets

For the longest time, I've been wondering what in the world to do with our extra blankets.  Stacking them on shelves just meant they would all come tumbling down when I got the first one out.  Stacking them on closet floors meant they would easily fall onto the doors' tracks and make it hard to open the closet at all.

We are the kind of people who don't get rid of blankets.  You can never have too many, and you certainly wouldn't want to have to go replace any merely because you got rid of them prematurely.

We are also the kind of people who must have all manner of blankets:  throws, quilts, thin ones, thick ones, large ones, small ones.

So it was with glee that I stood in front of the blanket closet (in this house, at this time, they have their own) and realized something:  I could hang them up.

And with the blankets hung up, a new world opened before me.

If I wanted one blanket, I could immediately spot the one I wanted and take it out without the rest following.  If I wasn't sure which one I wanted, I could easily view the whole collection, taking in size, texture, thickness at a glance.  If I needed to quickly make space for a guest to hang things in the closet, I could transfer some or all of them to another closet without trouble.

Yay for hanging up blankets.


  1. I really like the picture, Heidi! The composition is good, and it is really interesting to the eye! :)

  2. I've love having blankets available too. I've never hung them before, but I do hang another love - Table clothes.

  3. Great idea! If only I had the closet space!! :( Particularly for the tablecloths as your friend Barbara suggested so smartly... sigh...

  4. This is a great idea! Now to think of where...


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