05 April 2013

What Courage Really Looks Like (a Sabbath prayer for my own heart)

"It is in the time of conflict that the true colors should be flung to the breeze.  It is then that the standard-bearers need to be firm, and let their true position be known.  It is then that the skill of every true soldier for the right is tested.  Shirks can never wear the laurels of victory.  Those who are true and loyal will not conceal the fact, but will put heart and might into the work, and venture their all in the struggle, let the battle turn as it will."

White, Ellen G.  "Testimonies for the Church", v.3.  Mountain view, CA:  Pacific Press Publishing Association, 1944 (page 272)

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  1. What you need is all a gift of Jesus. Keep looking at Him. He will provide.


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