27 December 2012


We went walking through the corn field today, ending at the river.  Is it just me, or is it just so fun to see where somebody else went walking, too?  (You can tell they're geese, right?  I keep forgetting to charge the camera, but the phone does OK in a pinch.)
On the way back, we noticed some kids sledding on the hill by the school.  As soon as we realized they were our Christmas hosts, dear husband said, "See?  I thought that would be a good hill!  Maybe they'll let us try."
So of course we went to say hello.  And lest you think my husband driven by the desire to go sledding, he likes everyone and would stop to chat sled or not.
We helped build a jump.  We chatted with Mr. Adult on the sidelines.  We {gently} threw snow in return for the snow thrown at us.  Then it came.
"Mr. S!  Would you like to try?"
Then, "Mrs. S!  Would you like to try?"
No, thank you.
"Are you sure?"
Well, Mrs. S is accustomed to more than two inches of snow beneath her sled, so that when she falls off, there's plenty to pad the fall.
So no, not today.
But she sure did enjoy the sunshine!
My father-in-law gave us a specially bound booklet at Christmas.  He told in the front how a similar volume has influenced his life forever.
Leave it to Scripture tondo that.
It's full of more than enough versions of 1 Corinthians 13 to read one every day of the month.  My husband already reads the "love chapter" every day already, but this gift is getting me going on it, too.  As my father-in-law challenged, I'm journaling my thoughts each day.
I may share some of my journalings with you as I continue the journey.  I'd also love to hear what's inspiring your devotional life as we turn the corner into the new year.

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