06 December 2012

Sing We All of Christmas: But Some Have No Song

Maybe, like me, you've marveled at the different flavors of Christmas carols from the countries of the world.  The northern countries with their snowy texts, others with exotic melodies, instruments, and harmonies.
When I peruse the variety of Christmasy cultural expression, it's easy to see worldwide devotion and joy at the time we remember our Savior's birth.
But this morning, my heart is stirred, my eyes turned to a different view.  Because I read about countries who have no Christmas carols.  They have no Christ.
I think of Hindus, and their "devtas", the demons that come to possess their worshippers, throwing them around, making them foam at the mouth and scream out "prophecies".
I think of the fortune tellers around the world, and the never-reliable ways they try to tell you whether you're having a boy or a girl.
I think of the many, many missionary stories I've witnessed and read, the witch doctors, the superstition, the fear of spirits, the devastation of life without Jesus.
And it makes me weep for those who have no Christmas carols--nothing, in fact, that tells them about the kind and gentle Son of man, Son of God, who came to rescue them from sin, from the lies they now live with, from hopelessness.
And while I see that hopelessness in distant lands, I see it also right around me, in the home country.
So today, if we sing or play or listen to anything about the hope of Christmas, we must remember that the hope we have is built to be shared.
The angels shared it.  The shepherds shared it.  Simeon and Anna in the temple shared it.
Now it's our turn to share it.
Without being culturally insensitive, without pressuring people, without pride.  Simply in the love and humility of our greatest example, Jesus.
Maybe you know of missionaries in foreign fields you can support with prayers and monetary donations.  Maybe you're seeing the mission field right around you in a new light.
So go sing of Christmas, with your heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Today.

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