03 September 2013

Welcome to Your Hotel Room

My husband and I have been blessed over the last two weeks to spend time traveling, especially since the traveling yielded, by God's leading, a new job for him.  We've spent a lot of nights in hotels, and I found it interesting to note a couple of the welcoming touches the staff put into the bathrooms.  Maybe I'll use the ideas for guests in my home sometime.

The toilet paper here was folded in a simple fan rather than the typical triangles end, and tucked in to make a fan-flair.  It probably took only a few seconds longer, but had so much more personality.

The towels in this photo had then wash cloth folded diagonally, with the corner turned up in the back.  Then they were wrapped around the hanging towel and tied in a simple knot to create this sleek look.


  1. Was this at the "Suite" little hotel you stopped at that had the really good deal that you told me about? That's creative! I like the towel, especially.

  2. What a nice special touch to add to help people feel 'at home' and wanted.

  3. Little did those hotel maids ("housekeepers"??) know that their artwork would end up on someone's blog!!


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