08 September 2013

Things to Love in South Texas

Flowers.  They're nameless wonders in my new world, but I'm loving them already.

Sunrises.  Against a dramatic, open sky as I drive my husband to work, I've loved these God-paintings that come to me each morning.

Friends.  It's amazing how a friend of a friend can become a blog-world contact, and then in the course of one afternoon become a person you feel like you've known for a long time.  What a blessing the way God prepares these things months in advance, way before you've even heard of such a place in south Texas, let alone imagined you'd live there.

The Growing Seasons.  They tell me there are at least two or three.  We won't have space for anything too gigantic, bit we plan to squeeze in as much as we can!

The Fruits.  We toured a neighborhood the other day, and pinched ourselves.  Could that be a banana tree?  Growing outside?  With no climate controlled greenhouse?  We've since also seen mango trees, date palms, and trees bearing guavas, star fruits, pecans, persimmons, oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, pomegranates, and papayas.

Birds and Butterflies.  We hear tell this is a major migration area for both.  Anyone have an idea for what the best guidebooks would be?  Maybe one or more for Kindle?

Bilingual-ness.  We can tell.  It will be difficult NOT to improve our Spanish speaking abilities here.  The high school classes are fresher in our minds than we expected, and we may slip in some Portuguese learning with our latest set of Brazilian friends. 

Oh, the friend thing again.  What.  A.  Small.  World.  In graduate school, we had Brazilian friends.  When we moved to Virginia last year, we met Brazilian friends who were friends with the first Brazilian friends.  When we got here, we met more Brazilian friends who know all the Brazilian friends we've ever known.  Way fun.


  1. Love your awesome photos!! That is so cool that there are so many amazing trees - with bananas, mangos, dates... wow- that is cool.
    I am glad that you are finding so many cool things in your area. And friends- they are always great to find!
    Lisa :O)

  2. Wow -- I love that blue flower!! And that you are finding lots to love in South Texas :)

  3. That last one is a kind of passion-fruit flower, maybe not the fruiting kind, maybe just decorative, but if it's the one that actually bears fruit, WOW, great!!!

    I'm sure that you know that the first flowers (pink & white) are vincas, who are probably perennial there, basically. The other one... I would have to look again. Looks like some kind of hibiscus. There are so many varieties!

    OH, and my heart is so happy that you can have MORE Brazilian friends! And two friends that we could hardly enjoy on the over 10 years we studied (me), then worked (them, later me too) at the same place because they lived REALLY far away and only came for the band and orchestra days (and I had a crazy busy life, with two courses for high school and commuting hours and hours to go to the university). So you are Oh, SO LUCKY to really get to know them.

    In heaven we'll spend lots of time together. That's my hope!!!

  4. Now you need to find a plumeria to take a picture of ;)

  5. You have plumaria? That means you are almost in heaven, for the most heavenly places I've ever lived had plumaria. I'm so glad you've found so many things to love in south Texas, especially new friends.


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