12 September 2013

Green Parakeet Sighting

Just had to drop back by and tell you some very exciting news!  The other evening, my husband and I were out walking and saw some Parakeet-looking birds fly over, but we didn't get a very good look at them.  Then this morning, they stopped for breakfast, or their morning social occasion, or whatever, in our palm tree.  This time, I got a good look, but couldn't find my camera to get a good photo.

I'm hoping they come back again tomorrow, since I found the camera after they left, but meanwhile I'll send you over here to see some photos and read more about them.


  1. Now that's exciting! I've never had a green parakeet in my yard.

  2. Ok~I thought those were the local parrots~ i learned something new from you today! ;)


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