02 June 2013

The Mini Truck

These last couple of months have been full of many things, delight being one of the things.

You see, the boarding school where my husband taught this year decided to PAY me to choose and plant flowers around campus, and to weed, water, and prune.  It has been one of the most fun things I could have been doing. 

Today was my last day.  I tried not to be sad, but instead to enjoy the progress "my" flowers have been making, and of course my last chance at driving the mini truck.

I really like driving the mini truck.

It's a stick shift.  It's battered.  I sit on the "wrong" side of the vehicle to drive it.  And it's mini.  It's small.  Which means I can go just about anywhere with it I want to.  Which never really includes a real road, since the only paved surfaces I drive it on are campus roadways and sidewalks.

I drive it through the orchard.  I drive it across the lawn.  I drive it on the side of the hill and bump off the sidewalk and back into the parking lot.  (On purpose.)

But today was goodbye to my flowers and my mini truck. 

I hope the next person who cares for the flowers and drives the little truck loves them just as much as I do.

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