16 June 2013

The Mother-in-Law Garden

This summer, I do not have my own garden.

You may recall from a few posts earlier this spring that I had gigantic plans to the contrary, but those plans came to a screeching halt a few months ago.  Not, however, before the dear husband and I had ordered and started seeds indoors.

As the little herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants sprouted in their toilet paper tubes cut in halves and thirds, watering them became an act of faith for me.  No matter how big the space out back, I knew I would be leaving it by the time I would have set them all out to enjoy a real home in the garden.  So there they were, my three disposable casserole dishes from Costco full of little plants, depending on me to care for them while I wondered where and if they would be planted to bear their fruits.

But more about that next week when I can share photos, because although I wouldn't call my current location one of permanence, the little guys actually do have a delightful home to take root in for the summer.

What I want to show you for today (and maybe more as we wiggle our toes in the dirt together again tomorrow) are some delights from the mother-in-law garden.  Which really is the father-in-law garden, too, of course.  And which I've been given the distinct pleasure of helping in over this weekend.

Just to give you an idea what's here:

* Two kinds of raspberries, one ever-bearing, the other not.  My in-laws have gradually moved them so that the rows run north-south, which gives them morning and afternoon sun on each side of the row.  Brilliant, right?

* Three grape vines.

* A large compost pile.  The pile migrates around the outside corners of the garden each year.

* A giant sage patch.

* Currents of some kind.

* Two long, double rows of dahlias.

* Lots of onions.

*  Potatoes.

*  Beets.

We planted zucchini, sunflowers, black eyed susans, and zinnias yesterday, along with a nice patch of heirloom dill.  I hope they dry some of the dill and send it to me at Christmas.  Good thing my husband's family makes wish lists so I don't have to feel bad for asking.  (Smile)

We have more things to plant tomorrow, and I'll (try to) let you know what we do.

But as a parting thought, I just have to show you the little volunteer surprise we found in a little brick wall.  We harvested the leaves and dried them so this little oregano plant wouldn't go to seed too soon.

Oh, and some of her lillies.  Aren't they pretty?

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