20 June 2013

Hiking Tiger Mountain

My mother-in-law knows the best places to go hiking.  Husband and I had never been to Tiger Mountain before, and we were certainly not disappointed.  See Mount Rainier in the background?  (Click to enlarge photo.)  I haven't been happy with the zoom on my phone camera--or I haven't learned to use it with good effect--but I wanted to have one souvenir of the breathtaking view. 

My mother-in-law says these are salmon berry flowers.  I don't recall having ever eaten a salmon berry, but maybe she'll be willing to take me on the same hike later in the summer so I can try one.  What do you think?

At the top of the {very steep} hike was another opening with another breathtaking view.  This time, though, there were hang gliders taking off.  One woman went especially high, while most others floated evenly with the top of the hill and then down.  Twice she caught thermals, and soared with the birds for a long time.  Maybe half an hour or more.  It seemed so dreamy--a much better idea than the free-for-all of sky diving.

I hope you enjoy the crinkle of the salmon berry flowers as much as I do, and the little berry growing after the petals fall to the forest floor.

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  1. Oh, Heidi, you'll have to try the salmon berry. They're so good! William and I absolutely love them! Salmon berries are just a little tart, just a little sweet, and just a little tangy. :)


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