13 June 2013

Why You Should Start Playing Disc Golf

1.  It's exercise in the open air, at your own pace.
You can run, you can walk, you can skip, you can hop.  All the while, you'll be out in the fresh air.  You'll use your arms, your legs, your feet, and your lungs.
2.  It's humbling.
Maybe the best of the best never hit a tree with a disc, but I'll hit a tree as often as I'll miss.  (And I've hardly seen a coarse from the east to the west that didn't weave and wind through the trees.)  Maybe the best of the best never throw with their might just to see the bright orange go too far to the right, but it happens to me every time.  Hitting trees and missing my mark may be just one more way to remind me I'm a bit short of perfect.
3.  It's good group fun, even when the players are at different skill levels.
Do I know you yet?  Maybe not, very well, and maybe we're both a tad shy, but whether we're new to the game or whether we're not we can meet at the coarse and all have some fun in the sun.  Or rain.  We don't even have to keep track of our scores.  It gives us a focus, a something to do with beginning and end, with pieces of conversation surrounding our play.
4.  If you play with someone better at the game, you just might improve by great strides in one day.
It may feel quite clumsy at hole number one, but with eyes and ears open, by hole number eighteen your disc will fly farther and straighter.  So while all the trees keep you humble, the growth in one game gives a boost to the confidence.  And we all need a boost now and then.
5.  You'll see some beautiful scenery you won't want to miss.
In the course of my time in the game, I've played in four different states.  Not one disc golf course has been ugly.  Over the rivers and through the woods, comin' around the mountain when she comes, and somewhere over the rainbow, the eye always has a pleasant scene before it.  It's worth the play just to see the course.

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