07 August 2013

This Week in the Home Gardens: Two Venues

This Tomatillo Verde plant is not the tallest one, but to this point it carries the highest number of baby tomatillo fruits.  Of course, I'm showing you the biggest fruit, the way it looked a few days ago.
These zinnias came from {very} old seeds, and are growing in the mother-in-law garden.  Which is also the father-in-law garden, of course, now that fishing season in Alaska is over.  I'm still amazed they grew, and it's fun to be visiting right when they're beginning to bloom.
We planted sunflowers in two gardens.  In one garden, a cutworm or some such evil creature ate all but one of them.  In the other garden, all of the sunflowers are at least up to my neck, and some are taller than my head.  The tall ones seem to love the location with more full sun than I was able to provide in the other location, as well as soil that has been faithfully composted for several years rather than the soil that is just getting its first start in supporting these large forms of life.
Our potato experiment:  I've seen on Pinterest all kind of ideas for providing potato plants with a lot of soil in which to grow more potatoes that if they are just stuck in the ground in a row.  I have no report on how it's going--I just know the plants have grown amazingly tall, and we're all hoping there are as many tubers underneath the ground as there are beautiful leaves above their cage. 
The basil plants in both gardens still look small; however, we've been following a particular pruning method that multiplies the number of stems per plant.  Thus, each pruning returns a bigger harvest.  We have yet to experience a gigantic harvest, but it does increase each time.  Which makes us happy, and makes for a good mess of tomato-basil goodness. 

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