16 August 2013

Epsom Salts' Use on Plants: Source Roundup

 Although not related to Epsom Salts at all, I've been enjoying bees lately.  This one was out in the wild.

As I mentioned the other day, we did an Epsom Salt experiment on our tomatoes, tomatillos, and peppers in our garden.  While it's still too early to tell you how it's working out, I did want to share with you the sources I used to assure myself that the Epsom Salts were not just Pinterest hype but an actual practice used by actual gardeners.  I've been collecting quite a few gardening ideas on my "Gardens and Gardening" board on Pinterest, and before using the salts on the garden this week, I went back to read all the relevant articles I had pinned about them.  Then my husband and I decided the salts were worth a try.

There was general agreement about the solution ratio to use:  1 T Epsom Salts to 1 gallon of water.  Here are the articles' links, and a short overview of each.  {Click each link for more specific information on each topic.}
  • From Measured by the Heart, advice on planting and watering with a mixture of sugar and Epsom Salts.  This site does not feature a list of plants that do or do not benefit from Epsom Salts.
  • From Today's Homeowner, an article by Julie Day, information on magnesium and sulfate in the garden, with advice NOT to use this as a regularly applied fertilizer for all plants, but specifically as a boost at certain times for roses, tomatoes, and peppers, because these plants like extra magnesium.  Julie gives specific advice about WHEN to use the Epsom Salts, which I found helpful.
  • From Salt Works, an in-depth article on more types of plants that benefit from Epsom Salts, how to use the salts, and why they are good for plants.  This article goes beyond the uses for roses, peppers, and tomatoes and deals with many types of plants, including shrubs, flowers, trees, house plants, and lawns.
  • From The National Gardening Association, another great in-depth article on Epsom Salt gardening, including test garden experiments and results.  Plus, this article led me to discover the National Gardening Association's GREAT web site with a myriad of gardening resources.

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