20 August 2013

This Week in the Garden: Baby Tomatoes

The tomato plants are finally having babies.

They fatten up a little every day.

The blossoms keep coming, so the babies will have little siblings soon.

Parent tomatoes and tomatillos got heavy enough this week to need staking.

This tomatillo plant is chest high, and looks like it will add lots of heavy fruits to the highest branches ere long.

This balloon isn't empty anymore--its fruit will soon burst the paper, I think, and be ready to eat.

The Common Thyme is still small, but putting out more branches.

The peppers are beginning to blossom after their Epsom salts treatment.

The squash, green beans, and love lies bleeding are making a jungle out of their end of the garden.

The squash is growing up and through the fence.  We think we'll train it to run along the top.

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