11 April 2016

Day 6 of the Bean

I just had time to grab one photo on a busy day, but here it is, our bean almost ready to pick!  I think it will be ready in one or two more days, and I'm loving how many blossoms and beans the plants have on them--in all stages of growth!  

I'm also really wanting to grow a bit more sesame this summer, but I'm having a hard time deciding where to put them.  They take up quite a bit of space, but I'd say we got at least 3/4 cups of sesame seeds from each plant last year, so they are definitely a good producer and worth the space they take...unless of course I decide to use it for something else that might be a more urgent need.  

Too many plants, too small of a garden!  I wonder how much land I would need before I would not feel that way!

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  1. This series is so exciting! I love it! I didn't comment earlier, but I've been checking nearly every day. I hope someday you'll have enough land to garden to your heart's content!


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