08 April 2016

Day 3 of the Bean

Remember those exquisite flowers from day 1?  Here's what they look like now!  I guess if we have to give up the flower, we may as well enjoy a brand new bean.

So it may be a little late in the game, but it was this morning, as I looked at a few larger beans around the plants, that a nagging thought became louder in my mind.  Even though I sure thought I had planted Thai purple long beans, it's pretty obvious by now that I didn't.  My vague memories of the Thai purple long beans are that they were purple right from the get go.  But these most certainly are not purple, even on the bigger pods that are harder to get pictures of because they are between the plants and the wood fence.

Which raised the question, What kind of beans DID I plant?!

At this point my closest guess is Ojo de Cabra, which is likely a Tarahumara Indians variety (from Mexico, which of course seemed like a good idea when I ordered them a year or so ago because we live so close to Mexico).  

I guess it's my day to laugh at myself, and to remind myself to write down what I plant in my garden notebook so that next time I don't forget.  But, purple beans or green beans, no matter, I still love watching them grow and I can't wait to get some of them into my mouth!  

What are your favorite ways to cook green beans from the garden?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

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