01 August 2014

A River at Sunset

I didn't intend to take a little blogging break.  I meant to stay current here, even while traveling.  

But my niecelet wanted to play airplane, my sister-in-law and I up and wogged (walked + jogged = wogged) 7.6 miles on each of two different days, I chatted with Grandma while everyone else was out running up mountains, we all sang together (that song from our wedding, that Grandpa likes so much), I picked blueberries and even answered my phone on the side of a mountain in Alaska, I walked beside rivers with my mom while my dad rode a scooter and my husband ran beside him, I followed along as my brother led the way to a swimming hole in the river...and, well, blogging just didn't demand my time as much as those beloved people with whom I only spend time once or twice a year.

It flew by too quickly as it was.

I'm home now, and as Sabbath sets in over the evening tonight, I'm simply taken with the thought of how great and clever and creative and graceful Jesus is when He reaches out to us yet one more time, when we've messed up again and again, and makes everything clean once more.

It's good to know wherever I am from one end of the earth to the other, I've never been out of His care.  I'm not beyond His reach tonight, and neither are you.

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  1. Aww... you sweet thing! I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed your vacation time with family so much!! Thank you for the evocative summary of your activities -- you were so wonderfully busy! Do you have a niece? Or did I misunderstand? We're enjoying time in the D.C. are and staying at these dear family friends' house -- last time we stayed at their house was 21 years ago when we visited them at Andrews before I got married, isn't that crazy? I mean, we saw them every so often (they're really good friends of my parents, about 15-20 years younger), but never had the opportunity of staying at their house before! Now that K's brother moved to Egypt, the opportunity presented itself and we're thrilled!


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