27 August 2014

Goals for the Fall Garden

It's easy for me to get carried away with setting goals.  I set too many, reaching for an ideal-world future, and forget to set and celebrate smaller goals along the way.  Thus for this fall's garden, I simply have three goals in mind.

I recently listened to a talk by a lady who produces 50% of her own food.  Isn't that incredible?  I would love for that to be true of me someday, but for now? 

I'd be utterly delighted to simply eat something from the garden once a day.  Every day.

To do its job in keeping me happy, I think our soil would love to be enriched with more aged compost to give it the energy it needs to produce abundantly.  We'll use some of our own, and find some other sources of good composted materials.

Of course we can't forget the bees.  We've been overjoyed with having several kinds of bees buzzing back and forth around the pepper flowers out front and the basil flowers out back.

We're planning to plant more flowers like bee balm to attract these little friends to the garden.  And let's face it, we love the flowers as much as they do, so it's a win-win.


  1. AWESOME goal! I hope you can do it, even if it's some snipped herbs on your salad! ;-)

  2. Great goals! I am looking forward to gardening again.

    1. Your garden will be so happy to see you!


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