21 July 2014

Beauty and Happiness are Real, Too

Heidi, unto all people, nations, and languages, that dwell in all the earth:  Peace be multiplied unto you.

Because of course that's how I would address all of you if I were ruler over the largest, most influential nation on earth.  Which I'm not, but the world wide web can carry my words every bit that far, right?  Well, maybe without the influence of absolute and forceful authority over my readers, but you know. 

I'm posting on location, as you might be able to tell from my photo of the Knik Glacier surrounded by its beautiful snow-capped mountains.

And I've been thinking in my travels about how Nebuchadnezzar and Darius began their letters to the nations, telling them all what a wonderful God Daniel and his fellows served, telling them to give Him reverence, telling them all about the things the God of heaven was doing in their lives.

That's really what I want this blog to be about, too.  All about the ways my God changes, brightens, and enriches my daily life, whether I'm out in the garden, studying His Word, or enjoying the beauties of nature.

I know there's often talk on blogs about making sure life online is "real", by which it seems that most people mean they want to be sure other people behind computer screens don't live perfect lives either.  As if a balanced picture of life has to include more of struggles and ugliness, and less of beauty.

Here, though?

While there might be times I reflect on grief or pain or sadness, most of the time I come to my little corner of blogland to remind myself that beauty is real in my life.

It's my pause for breath on a climb heavenward, moments taken to look back over the breathtaking view God makes out of an imperfect life dedicated nonetheless to Him.

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