15 July 2014

Saving Parsley Seeds

I'm a completely beginner seed saver.  My grandma once told me saving seeds is easy--all you have to do is let them dry out--but since I've seen a multitude of books about seed saving, and about saving seeds from the different types of plants, I'm not entirely sure I believe her.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to start with saving herb seeds, because they simply bloom and make their seeds while the lazy gardener just lets the plant dry out and die.  No water required.

I was perhaps inordinately pleased with the number of seeds that came off of the first flower turned cluster of seeds.  Just think--a whole parsley plant coming from each of those tiny wonders!  Can it get any more exciting than that?

Holding the pile of seeds in my hands, it feels profound rather than cliche to think about faith like a parsley {mustard?!} seed, and how the faith-plant grows and blooms in our own lives, only to make enough seeds to take over the garden with more faith-plants in other people.


  1. Lovely seeds, lovely lessons!

  2. Wow - that is awesome! I have a parsley plant for the first time this year - I will have to see if I can get seeds from them! That is so cool! Lisa :O)


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