12 June 2014

What it Really Takes to Set Up a Shed


Oh, how I've been longing for a neat  little space with hooks and nooks and a door to shut.

We step into the garden center, resolved.  We've been eying the object of our desire for several weeks, and we're ready to commit, ready to put up its sides and hide our garden tools and a few snow tires (yes, even in South Texas) inside it.  

We've looked at other ideas, we've done a bit of pricing (in dollars, hours, and skill level), and we're ready.

The sales rep, however, wants to warn us.

"Most people return these," he says.  "They have a lot of pieces, and..." {he takes a wary look in my direction} "...if you only have two people it can take eight to ten hours to get it set up.  It would be better if you had more people to help."

Still, we decide it's our best option, we pay, they help us load it up, and we drive home.  I wonder if the eight-to-ten-hours estimate included the time it took to get the box from the car to its temporary home in the shade.


Mine is undaunted, but I'm the one who got a massage during the let's-organize-these-pieces section of yesterday afternoon, and therefore came home to the sorting already finished.  My husband might be more committed to doing something to make me happy than he is to that heart longing for a few walls and nooks and hooks and a door to shut.  #amazinghusband

I'm ready to go out and put something together, but perhaps today we'll wait until it's a few degrees cooler.  You know.  Like maybe down to 94 would be nice.

But we won't wait too long, because I'm picturing that de-cluttered patio space, and I get unashamedly excited about it.  Set me to work on that thing, and I'll do and learn to do whatever it takes to reach that goal.


As ready and willing as I am to help, I would never have gotten that box out of the car on my own.  There are pieces big enough that they would be incredibly unwieldy if either of us tried to handle them alone.  

Together, though?

We'll get this thing done in no time.


  1. Good luck with that! I can feel the humor behind your words and I truly hope it won't be nearly as impossible as the salesman predicted! I suppose it's a shed you can move away with you. Does it come with a floor/base? For the one we bought that was similar (but an ugly brown print imitating wood) in our second house we had to make a concrete floor to go under it. (and we left it at that house)

  2. This is a good start to a great story. The desire, commitment and togetherness seem to be a theme of your relationship thus far. It will see you far. I'm sure there are going to be some obstacles to overcome, but that will make part 2 of the story all the more interesting. I wonder if you will use the words struggle, and discouragement in the next segment, followed by renewed commitment and victory in the third?


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